Important notice in relation to CORONAVIRUS

In case you have symptoms of: cough, cold and/or shortness of breath, do NOT enter the health center. Go home and contact your doctor by phone.

You can find more information on this page: practice info / current information

We follow government guidelines. We are currently limited to providing acute care and for complaints that cannot wait. Do not hesitate to call us if necessary. We ask for your understanding.

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General practice Aalsmeer Oost


The basic offer of our practice consists of the first care on all health complaints. For common complaints, the offer consists of diagnosis and treatment. If necessary, our practice refers to other disciplines within the first line or second line. The basic offer of our practice fully adheres to " Aanbod huisartsgeneeskundige zorg (LHV, 2009)".

Vision on quality

Gezondheidscentrum Aalsmeer Oost wants to be a professional organization in which responsible care, at the highest achievable level, is continuously available. Through collaboration with the other disciplines in the same building we see opportunities to optimize care for residents in Aalsmeer. Due to the size of GP practice and the amount of employees, it remains a challenge to continue to work goal oriented and efficiently, with quality, good care for the patient and job satisfaction for the employees.

Other disciplines

In addition to general practice, the Health Center has the following disciplines:

Doctoral Laboratory
Thuiszorg Aalsmeer
Obstetricians practice

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