How we work

When you want to make an appointment by phone or at the desk, the assistants will always ask why you want to come by.

This to determine the urgency of your complaint and to estimate the time needed. The assistants are trained in accordance to the guidelines of the NHG. This way they can efficiently organize the agenda.

If necessary, they can help you with advice on self-care.

When you have complaints that should be looked at the same day, please call between 08:00 and 10:00. If you have two complaints, ask for a double appointment. The assistants can be reached by phone throughout the day.

The assistants prefer to see you at the counter in the morning for:
- the delivery of urines, letters and / or other materials
- the collection of (laboratory) forms and referral letters
- other questions that you want to ask the assistant

In the afternoons the assistants are often busy with their office hours.
Thank you for your cooperation!

ATTENTION: would you like to inform us a.s.a.p. on change of address, telephone number or email address?
It is very important that we or other caregivers can reach you if needed.  


We work by appointment. A standard consultation takes 10 minutes. If you think you need more time, please let us know in advance. This way we can take this into account for the planning.  

Consult by phone

You can make an appointment with the assistant for a consult by phone. The GP will call you back at a scheduled time.
We kindly ask you to make an appointment between 08:00 and 12:00
For life-threatening situations you can call 0297-500810 Touch 1. Within 30 seconds a practice assistant will speak to you. When every second counts you call 112.

Make an appointment online by yourself (MGN):

To increase our accessibility, it is also possible to make an appointment online.

At: you can sign in with your DigiD.
Using DigiD with SMS authentication you will sign up once.

This way you can make an appointment with the general practitioner.

This link is not to be used for life-threatening situations.

 For complaints such as: headache, abdominal pain, tiredness, tensions please schedule 20 minutes.


House call

You can request a house call by phone until 10:30. A visit is requested if, for medical reasons, you are unable to come to the practice.

We do not visit patients with transport problems.


You can also submit your question or complaint to the doctor by e-mail.
A doctor will, if possible, answer you by mail.
You can fill out the contact form

Failure to appear without notice

We notice that people do not appear in office while they have an appointment. You understand that this is annoying, because of the crowded consulting hours. We are therefore obliged to send you an invoice if you do not appear on the consultation hours without notice. The bill is 15 euros. This is according to the national guidelines (LHV, Landelijke Huisartsenvereniging)