Jeroen de Vries

General practitioner Jeroen de Vries is the owner of the GP practice. He founded his practice in Aalsmeer Oost in 2008 and built up the health center.
In 2001, he graduated as a GP at the AMC.
Jeroen has gained experience in several areas:

  • First Aid AMC
  • Nursing Home Medicine
  • physician for the mentally disabled

In addition, he has been an instructor for special forces and military nurses for 10 years. He still teaches emergency medicine to GPs.
He also educates GPs in training.

Areas of attention:

  • small surgery
  • rational emotional training
  • ophthalmology
  • Supervision of overweight people. For more information, see
  • psychology
  • musculoskeletal
  • sports medicine

He works in the practice from Monday to Thursday and during the evening consultation hours.

Sanne Kooijman

General practitioner Sanne Kooijman has followed medicine at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After this education, she knew she wanted to become a GP, to gain experience and to grow more in pediatric medicine, she worked in Rotterdam in the children's department and neonatology. Then she started the GP training at the VU. The diversity of the job and involvement in the patient and the whole family, makes being a GP so beautiful for her. She is mother of two daughters and a son.

Sanne Kooijman works in the practice on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Within the practice, she is engaged in the Asthma / COPD care program and the accreditation of the practice.

Maarten Borg

General practitioner Maarten Borg has been working in the practice since May 2015.

He studied in Groningen and worked in the First Aid department of different hospitals. He also gained experience in internal medicine, cardiology and ophthalmology.

From his scientific interest, he is involved in the development of the Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap (Dutch GP Society).

He attended general education in Utrecht, and now, in addition to regular patient care, he maintains care for the elderly and pharmacovigilance in collaboration with the pharmacist.

Dr. Borg operates on Mondays and Wednesdays and on Fridays every other week.

Fleur Pasmans

Since July 2017, general practitioner Fleur Pasmans has been working with us. She obtained her doctoral degree at the University of Maastricht. Fleur subsequently gained experience in urgent medicine and internal medicine. Fleur completed the GP training at the AMC.

Fleur Pasmans works on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Joyce Sombroek, AIOS

Joyce Sombroek is 29 years old and after her studies at Amstelland Hospital, she worked in internal medicine, cardiology, gastrointestinal liver diseases and lung diseases, as well as at the Emergency Department of OLVG.
Sinds March she is in 
training at the AMC to become a general practitioner and will be working here in this practice until next year. She works under the supervision of Dr. de Vries. You may see her!

She is present on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Acting general practitioner

If one of our permanent physicians is prevented, you could be seeing an acting GP.

We ask for your understanding.