A complaint? Discuss your dissatisfaction with your general practitioner

If you are dissatisfied, we appreciate you tell us. When we are aware of your dissatisfaction, we can try to resolve it for you. You can send us an email with your complaint. We will then contact you to find a solution together.

If this is inconvenient for you or are we unable to find a solution, you can discuss your complaint with an independent and impartial complaint officer. The complaints officer will work with you for a solution to your complaint or problem. The complaints officer can try to mediate the complaint. The complaints officer does not choose a party and therefore has no judgment. Everything you tell the complaint officer is confidential. A complaint via the complaints officer can be submitted via this link.

If you do not find a suitable solutions with your general practitioner and mediation by the complaints officer, you can request a ruling on your complaint with the geschilleninstantie huisartsenzorg (Dispute Center for GPs). This independent committee consists of a chairman (jurist) and members on behalf of the patients and members on behalf of the GPs. The committee is assisted by an official secretary who is also a lawyer.


Rights of the patient

The patient is entitled to access all data collected and processed on him:

  1. The patient is entitled to a copy of the data collected about him or her; The practice provides a copy after a patient's request and the practice may require a reasonable fee for this;
  2. The patient may request supplementation and / or correction of the collected and processed data insofar these are incomplete and / or factually incorrect;
  3. The patient may request removal or limited use of the collected and processed data;
  4. Right of access or copy and requests for supplementation, correction, limited use or disposal may be denied by the practice as far as necessary to protect a significant interest of another (including the privacy of another person) and / or in case custody is required based on a (legal) prescription.